Responsibility for the future

Economical and environmentally friendly washing
Miele engineers invest their time and energy into finding ways to save energy. All Miele washing machines effortlessly achieve A+++, the highest energy efficiency rating. The most efficient models even consume 50 % less energy than is required (46) for energy efficiency rating A+++.Some Miele washing machines have a second water connection for warm water. This means you can save even more if the water in your home is heated in a highly energy-efficient way
– e.g. using solar thermal energy.With the new Miele washing machines, you save electricity and water like never before. But you cannot economise on perfect cleanliness.
Economical and environmentally friendly drying
Over the last 15 years Miele – as a pioneer in laundry care – has reduced electricity consumption of its tumble dryers by more than 60 %. All tumble dryers from the new T1 tumble dryer generation therefore feature energy-efficient heat pump technology and already achieve at least an A++ energy efficiency rating.
The best Miele tumble dryers are even 10 % more economical than is required (24) for energy efficiency rating A+++.With EcoSpeed, you can dry your laundry particularly quickly and in a way that is kind to the environment with the best energy efficiency rating A+++. Economic operation and shorter programme durations are perfectly combined. With a full load, EcoSpeed can reduce the drying time by 20 minutes. If you just want to dry a few items, you can reduce the drying time by approximately 10 %.And Miele even goes one step further: some of our tumble dryers are equipped with the natural refrigerant R290, which is completely HFC-free – for even better environmental performance. The
global warming potential (GWP) of these Miele tumble dryers has been reduced by more than 99.7 % and is virtually zero. They now meet the most stringent requirements in terms of environmental impact and significantly reduce their users' ecological footprint.
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