Stunning perspectives for your kitchen

Miele offers steam combination ovens in three convenient designs. No matter which model you choose - you can look forward to delicious, healthy food.
Steam combination oven
Miele's steam combination oven offers all the functions of a steam-only oven together with the Fan plus oven function. By combining both dry and moist heat, perfect roasting and baking results can be achieved.
XL steam oven with fully-fledged oven function
The Miele XL steam combination oven with fully-fledged oven function has all the functions of a steam combination oven. It also offers a range of conventional oven functions and, depending on model, a cabled or wireless food probe. Additional combination options with moisture as well as a very large cooking compartment make the steam combination oven an all-round talent.
XXL steam combination oven
This model is also a fully-fledged steam oven with fully-fledged oven function as well as a fully-fledged combination oven - all this in the classic 60 x 60 cm oven niche. This appliance comprises all the functions of the XL unit plus a food probe with cable. The combination with a 29 cm high drawer offers many additional options.
Features depend on model