The best treatment programme for food

More flavour, more vital nutrients
Why steam cooking is so healthy:
The right operating mode for every type of food
The most important thing when cooking! With additional oven functions such as Conventional heat, Top or Bottom heat, Full or Economy grill, Fan grill or Intensive bake, the steam combination oven with fully fledged oven function makes for a very attractive built-in appliance. The wireless food probe monitors the core temperature constantly, calculates the cooking duration automatically and stops the cooking process exactly when the set core temperature has been reached.
The art of combination cooking
Professional and hobby bakers and cooks have long known about it: Increasing the humidity in the cabinet optimises baking and roasting results: Soft, delicious-smelling bread with a shiny, appetising crust as if fresh from the local baker or a roast as tasty as in a restaurant. Because the bread dough is subjected to steam in the first step of baking, it rises better. Moisture is introduced after the meat has been sealed and continues cooking at a lower temperature. This achieves even and perfect results.
Features depend on model