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 Drying system
 Construction type


This appliance is suitable for installation in a stack consisting of a washing machine and a tumble dryer. A washer-dryer stacking kit is required for safely connecting the two appliances.

Can be built-under

The lid can be removed from the appliance and replaced with a building-under kit. As a result, the appliance can also be built into a niche of 82 cm.


Appliance can be inserted into a niche 85 cm high.
 Maximum load size
 Drying results

PerfectDry precision drying

Soft and fluffy laundry: PerfectDry ensures your laundry is never too damp or too dry. 

FragranceDos fragrance system* 

Freshness for all the senses: the Miele fragrance flacon makes your laundry beautifully fluffy and scented. 
Patent: EP 2 431 516Patent: EP 2 431 516
 Gentle laundry care 


Visibly crease-resistant: creases are gently removed from wet and dry laundry.
 Drying programmes

Finish Woollens

Beautifully fluffy: Delicate wool fabrics are handled particularly gently, maintaining their quality.


Prevents creasing: reduces creasing and simplifies the ironing of shirts and blouses significantly.


Best possible effect: Thermally fixing ensures optimum water-repellent properties.


Gentle drying without loss of function: retains the functional properties of multi-layered membrane fabric.
 User convenience

Delay start and countdown indicator

According to schedule: You can start the programme whenever you want to fit in with your daily schedule.

Drum lighting

Nothing can be overlooked: the honeycomb drum is illuminated. No item is left behind when unloading the machine.

Maintenance-free heat exchanger

Save time and energy: a filter protects the heat exchanger so it no longer requires cleaning.
 Efficiency and sustainability

EcoDry technology

More time and money for the important things in life thanks to short running times and low energy consumption.
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TCE620WP Eco T1 heat-pump dryer:
TCE620WP EcoT1 heat-pump dryer:

A+++ and EcoDry technology for max. efficiency – for the life of your appliance.

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