Vacuum Cleaners

More things that you should know about Miele vacuum cleaners

Different types of Miele vacuum cleaners

What type of appliance would you like?

Miele offers floor care appliances in a variety of designs. Here is an overview. Which model is the right one for you depends on the spatial requirements and your personal preferences.

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Miele vacuum cleaner quality tests

Highest Miele quality for a long service life

No daily routine can be as tough as a Miele product test: Before Miele vacuum cleaners go into series production they must withstand extreme stress in our test laboratory.

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Miele lifestyle vacuum cleaners

What should your vacuum cleaner be able to do?

Special housing and living situations require customised solutions. Miele aims to meet your personal needs for room hygiene as perfectly as possible, which is why Miele offers a variety of vacuum cleaners with special features.

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Miele vacuum cleaner test wins*

More than 60 test wins* worldwide

The outstanding cleaning performance and efficiency of Miele vacuum cleaners receive frequent accolades in independent product tests. Since 2005 alone, Miele vacuum cleaners have been voted test winners* more than 60 times in consumer tests worldwide.

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Miele cylinder vacuum cleaner hygiene*

Cleanliness for your comfort

Clean exhaust air is a matter of fact for Miele. Our vacuum cleaners are not only characterised by good filtration, but their housing is sealed in such a way that not a single speck of dust can escape. Therefore, only clean exhaust air is returned to the room.

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Miele Blizzard CX1 hygiene

How hygienic is it without a bag?

Hygienic emptying. In contrast to other bagless systems, this method consistently separates the coarse dirt from the fine dust. This fine dust is then collected in a separate container with the help of the Gore® CleanStream® fine dust filter. This reduces the unsettling of fine dust to a minimum when emptying the container. This innovative separation of fine dust guarantees hygienic emptying* and was tested for this reason.

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